Our three key focus areas

Sciation 3 Key Focus Areas

Our focus areas integrate seamlessly

Software Applications

We bring the design, the creation and the go-to-market potential when there is a need, an idea or a blueprint for software applications.

Equity Investment

We invest both time and money in what we see value in.

We see value where others do not.

Market Enablement

We enable go-to-market. We invest to expand the reach of existing products, to create large scale and robust expansion plans and match market demands with product, team and investment strategies.

“How to?”

questions are our favourite type of question

Through our three key focus areas

We answer questions

Questions posed by a need, by a person with an idea, by our partners and generated internally within Sciation.

  • How to create a viable value proposition?
  • How to turn this idea into a viable technology solution?
  • How to make this a viable technology business?
  • How to extend a product’s lifecycle?
  • How to formulate the right strategy?
  • How to make the right go-to-market decisions?
  • How to take advantage of the African market?


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