A journey of discovery

“In everything we do, Sciation follows a relationship-based approach. 

The beginning of any relationship entails a process of exploring synergy, gaining understanding, performing due diligence, and establishing links.

Navigating your way through what we have prepared for you, will give you an insight into our business philosophy and how we ensure that we deliver on it.”

Our relationship-based approach to business promotes meeting in person, wherever possible.


We have found that magic happens when minds are afforded the opportunity to meet.

Let’s connect to see what it could be.

Sciation’s Executive Leadership

We are two able and willing individuals, both confident in our abilities to drive the Sciation business model.

We bring the appropriate skills, experience and track record to the table.

We translate technology opportunities into viable go to market strategies, we have the business acumen required to drive shareholder returns, the skills to create new technology opportunities and the ability to design and manage the required operational models that underpin strategy.

Geographical Reach

Sciation is global  |  Technology makes us global  |  We harness technology

Sciation explores far & wide  |  Our reach is unlimited  |  Our global network opens doors

We understand geographical requirements  |  We understand global trends  |  We translate understanding into strategy

You can reach Sciation & Sciation can reach you

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