We monetize technology

Creating technology requires money and technology, once created, must be monetized.

We have geographical reach

Sciation is global  |  Technology makes us global  |  We harness technology

Sciation explores far & wide  |  Our reach is unlimited  |  Our global network opens doors

We understand geographical requirements  |  We understand global trends  |  We translate understanding into strategy

You can reach Sciation & Sciation can reach you.

We multiply effort

We are a team of mindfully optimistic people with a 1+1=10 track record.

1 + experience + teamwork + technology as a multiplier + prudent investment + Integration + clear plans + partnerships + innovation + balanced living = 10

We value balanced living.

Balance in life keeps us well, energised, motivated, confident, able, and willing.

We transfer skills

It is what we know and who we know that we are able to transfer.

We transfer skills to our stakeholders and we harness the skills they bring.

We encourage self-learning as a means to stay relevant.

We actively expand skill sets to meet the demands of the technology space.

We answer questions

“How to?”

How to questions are our favourite type of question. Questions posed by a need, by a person with an idea, by our partners and generated internally within Sciation.

  • How to create a viable value proposition?
  • How to turn this idea into a viable technology solution?
  • How to make this a viable technology business?
  • How to extend a product’s lifecycle?
  • How to formulate the right strategy?
  • How to make the right go-to-market decisions?
  • How to take advantage of the African market?

We invest directly

The right investments are those that tick all our investment criteria.

What matters?
  • NDoes it hold value?
  • NCan we secure and grow this value?
  • NIs it exciting?
  • NCan we work together?
  • NCan we overcome the risks?
  • NDoes it fit?
  • NDoes it add something new?
Let’s get prudent
  • NDoes the business case add up?
  • NWill the key people stay?
  • NCan we integrate seamlessly?
  • NCan we secure the initial investment?
  • NDo the value timelines make sense?
Let’s chat

We would love to chat about taking a stake in your business.

  • NWe look for equity opportunities.
  • NWe focus on start-ups and going concerns.
  • NWe consider direct investment or value creation.
  • NSciation scales SME's to robust large businesses.

Email us at connect@sciation.com, or complete this form and we'll make contact.