A high-level look at

The right investments are those that tick all our investment criteria.

What Matters?

  • NDoes it hold value?
  • NCan we secure and grow this value?
  • NIs it exciting?
  • NCan we work together?
  • NCan we overcome the risks?
  • NDoes it fit?
  • NDoes it add something new?

Let’s get prudent:

  • NDoes the business case add up?
  • NWill the key people stay?
  • NCan we integrate seamlessly?
  • NCan we secure the initial investment?
  • NDo the value timelines make sense?


We would love to chat about taking a stake in your business

We look to create equity opportunities.

We focus on start-ups and ongoing concerns.

We consider direct investment or value creation.

Sciation scales SME’s to robust large businesses.

There is no limit to the number of opportunities that exist for investments in viable start-ups and viable ongoing concerns.

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